Webinars for Everyone

The new WebinarJam is the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public. Unmatched flexibility coupled with high tech precision offered at a value yet to be equaled... This is your new Jam!

(Just over $40 a month when paid annually)

The All New WebinarJam

30,000+ Members And Growing

  • Stream to YouTube Live or our private broadcaster, WebinarJam Live
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Engage with a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency
  • Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations
  • Automatically record every webinar
  • Communicate pre and post webinar with built in autoresponders
  • Know your data with our advanced analytics and tracking

Engage Everybody

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This is Collaboration

Introducing Jam Session

Invite up to 6 co-presenters. Stream in glorious, High Definition. Flexible, dynamic layout control optimizes your display. Go solo, invite a partner, even host a roundtable of experts to share their knowledge. readmore iconOther systems want you to think that collaboration is one main signal and a group of postage-stamp sized thumbnails. That's not collaboration. That's compromise. Don't settle now, or limit yourself in the future. With WebinarJam you have the option to share the screen equally or highlight one presenter at a time. You're in full control.

6 co presenter
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Community, Uncompromised.

Active Chat

Not an afterthought, or a bolt-on low-fidelity feature, WebinarJam Chat is a fully controllable communications readmore icondevice. With public announcements, many-to-many conversations, and even private to moderator messages, this feature will help your community flourish, while remaining under the control of your watchful eye. Let them ask questions, overcome their objections, build the social proof you want while you or your moderators have the final say (That's just one way of saying we have an eject button for trolls:-)).

live chat

Live Chat

live chat

Moderate And Ban

live chat

Private Messages

live chat


live chat

Highlight Comment

live chat

Request To Speak

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Maximize Engagement

Introducing Attendee Spotlight

Let your audience have a voice, too! Invite any of your webinar attendees to join you in the presentation at any time. Wielding nothing but your mouse and a sense of purpose, readmore iconyour invitee will be able to speak, screen share, even broadcast their webcam. When their part is complete, another click and they are back into "attendee-only mode".

Go Ahead. Level up;

  • Ask your best customers to share their experience with your audience.
  • Take Consulting to a new level of interactivity.
  • Make Question and Answer time a crowd favorite.
  • Get the Testimonials you've dreamed of.
  • Watch Case-Studies become Offer Closers.
  • Hot Seats just got real.
  • Coaching is now more authentic and valuable than EVER.
3 presenters

Be Everywhere

Stream it

Securely, Universally

WebinarJam's carefully optimized yet robust Broadcast Distribution Technology is unique because the signal it creates is universal. It enables you to transmit Live from your virtual event to thousands (even Tens of Thousands) of webinar attendees on a variety of platforms. We're not limited by technology because we use it all. We speak RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, even Flash. No Attendee gets left behind. Don't even bother to try to find this anywhere else.

Send your signal

Introducing WebinarJam Live

Go where your audience is. Only WebinarJam's Flexible WebinarJam Live Broadcast Engine allows you to stream directly to your thousands of attendees in all the popular places: YouTube Live not to mention our Own, Private and Secure Network. No matter which virtual arena you choose, the experience is essentially identical. You decide the signal path, and you decide the destination. Your audience is everywhere. Now, you are too.

Send your signal
Send your signal
Send your signal

Breaking News?

Need to be On-Air NOW?

Introducing Express Jam

6 Clicks. 30 Seconds. You're Live.

Setting Up a Webinar with ExpressJam not only gets you broadcasting as fast as possible, it also uses your customizable Smart Preferences to ensure that your Webinar operates exactly according to your needs.

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

Less than 30 seconds

Less than 30 seconds

Express Cconfiguration

Express Configuration

  • Ready in 30 Seconds
  • Fast & Easy
Standard Cconfiguration

Standard Configuration

  • Ready in 5 Minutes
  • Powerful & Flexible

All Browsers, OS and Devices.

Universally compatible... with everything!

Transmit your show to Mobile people on the go on their android or iOS device. Don't worry, we set that up automatically for you. Delightfully compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux operating systems, your WebinarJam event can be seen on just about any modern browser you can imagine, from Chrome to Firefox, Edge to Internet Explorer. We've even heard rumors of some Scandinavian folks using Opera.

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Show Everything

Face to Face. Picture in Picture. A Slide Show. A Mind Map or Whiteboard. A Software Demonstration. A Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi. A Wirecast, Blackmagic, or Tricaster feed. Polls, Surveys, Pre-Recorded Videos.


Cue Playback in 3 2 1..

Introducing The Video Engine

TV news has been "rolling in" footage since a video camera became portable. Why shouldn't you have the same Newsroom capability? readmore icon

Now you do. With The Video Engine, you can pre-load and cue up to a dozen video files and broadcast them to your attendees with a click.

During playback, your webcam is shut off, your microphone muted, and your audience is treated to a full-motion (up to 30 frames per second) playback of your preloaded video. Take your training to the next level by incorporating perfectly pre-recorded segments into your livecast. Want to deliver the perfect pitch? Try recording your offer ahead of time and using the video engine to deliver that offer flawlessly. And, Yes, you can deliver an entire webinar with The Video Engine, just in case you need a day off from being awesome.

present-like-a-pro-screen Present Like A Pro Present Like A Pro

Present Like A Pro

PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF... Your Choice

When it comes to running slick slide presentations, PowerPoint and KeyNote are the usual suspects.

With WebinarJam, you can simply import your presentation file and run it to your audience seamlessly in High Definition. Easily scroll forwards or backwards through your presentation with a variety of exciting slide animations. With our Slides in the Cloud feature, your audience will enjoy crystal clear readability.

Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen

Whiteboard Your Ideas Into Reality!

When you run presentations, software demos, trainings, mind maps or lectures, quickly highlighting and writing annotations on the screen is incredibly valuable. Plus, you can draw a fancy mustache on your co-presenter's video.

Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen Draw And Mark Up Directly On The Screen
live poll

What is your favorite email provider?

Gmail Icon
Gmail Icon
Gmail Icon

Read Their Minds

Jam Polls and Surveys

Step 1. Find out what they want. Step 2. Give it to them. Let's talk about Step 1: readmore icon

During your webinar, get the first-hand data in real time. Ask leading questions, dig into your attendee's experience and skill level. Discover what they want desperately, and what mistakes they're afraid of making. Then steer your content accordingly and ensure your success.

WebinarJam's Polls and Survey software is point-and-click simple to use, but don't let that fool you... There's amazing power in knowing what your audience wants and needs from you and your Webinar.

Transact Every Time

To inspire the most transactions, the most sales, the most conversions, you need the best tools. Here they are:

Transact Everytime
Transact Everytime DVD

Finally, Clicks That Convert

Introducing Active Offers

When it's time for you to make your offer, you want your audience to take Instant Action. That action needs to be simple, and nothing is more simple than readmore iconthe click of a mouse.

Active Offers lets you configure a visually captivating display that appears in your Webinar Environment at the precise moment you want your attendees to take action.

No more clunky web addresses that get mis-entered, limited to non-clickable displays in your presentation. Once your Active Offer is displayed, you can keep selling, answering questions, and performing at your best.

the final countdown countdown the final countdown clock

The Final Countdown...

The Final Countdown...

Urgency and Scarcity

Define the offer countdown limit and the available number of copies. As time and sales go by, the counters update automatically every ticking second.

Urgency Display

Nothing boosts sales like the ticking countdown of an offer clock. So go ahead and add a Countdown timer to your Add-to-Cart Active Offers. No Coding Required; just set your urgency duration, and when you click a button to display your Active offer, the timer starts counting.

Limited Units Display

If you want to limit the number of people who can take your offer, make sure your attendees know how many are available. And as they watch those units disappear to new customers taking action, their enthusiasm heats up to Supernova levels.

Automatic Update

With a small snippet of HTML code, generated by WebinarJam and posted by you or your webmaster onto your Thank You page, WebinarJam will automatically deduct a unit each time a sale is made.

Manual Update

As with all WebinarJam Features, you're always in maximum control. As you watch your shopping cart for sales, you can manually update your remaining unit availability right in WebinarJam's admin console.

Enter the Flow

Feedback Flow

In the moment, Magic can happen. You need to be prepared to show that magic to the world. Feedback Flow is a conduit of magic from you to your readmore iconaudience. Just like a Network TV Show, you can give weight and impact to a message text and display it to your audience. Write it yourself, or select to display Questions (like in the image above) or Statements already in your chat room.

Finally you can STOP answering the same question over and over again (like "Do you take Paypal", or "Will there be a replay").
Encore Everyony Calendar Laptop

Buyer Alerts

Raise the level of Social Success of your Webinar with Instant Buyer Alerts. Proudly welcome new BUYERS to your webinar attendees. Simply paste readmore icona small WebinarJam-Generated snippet of HTML tracking code onto your checkout "Thank You Page", and every time someone from your webinar purchases your offer, it is automatically and immediately displayed to your entire audience. This takes 'Social Proof' to an immediate, tangible level.

Encore Everyony Calendar Laptop

Gorgeous Designs

No Designer Required

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Point & Click Page Builder

Introducing PageJam

Layout. Color. Eye-Gravity. Style. Engagement. Browser Responsive. Mobile-Friendly. We bring all of these elements together to create the industry's highest-converting webinar registration pages. With the new PageJam engine, a WYSIWYG (go ahead, say it..."wizzzeeewig"...) visual editor, you can customize a library of professionally designed registration pages Click on an element, tailor it to your needs, personalize it to your style and brand.

Point & Click Page Builder Point & Click Page Builder Point & Click Page Builder

Our Place. Or Yours.

Remote Registration Embedding

Prefer to register your visitors from your site? Need to create conversions from your own custom-designed page? Or, do you just have a registration page that kills it for you and you don't need to re-invent the wheel? We got ya covered. WebinarJam will create registration "embed" HTML code for you to use just about anywhere.

One-Click Wonder

Introducing In-Message Registration

Send a "Click to Register" link to anyone on your email list. Anyone who clicks that link will be automatically registered for your next webinar. Now, your email "Click Through Rate" becomes your "Webinar Registration Conversion Rate". No Lost Registrations... No annoying "Filling of the Forms", cause ain't nobody got time for that.

One-Click Wonder One-Click Wonder Point &amOne-Click Wonder
the final countdown clock the final countdown clock

Integrate with Everyone

Cross Platform Tagging

WebinarJam's extensive communication abilities are not just limited to its own ecosystem. We've reliably and, in many cases, extensively integrated its communications platform with premier 3rd party CRM, Email, and Shopping Cart applications. WebinarJam can send specific behavior tagging information so you can perform your own follow-up work on the platform you're most comfortable with.

Connect with Everyone

Automated Email and SMS

Preparing your audience for your event properly will result in the highest levels of attendance and sales conversion rates possible. "Properly" means far more than just sending an email notification with a start time. You'll need automation. You want the messages you send to be customized to your audience behavior. This takes a high degree of App Intelligence, and there's nothing artificial about WebinarJam's unique communication systems.

Connect with Everyone Campaign Control Campaign Control Campaign Control Campaign Control Campaign Control
the final countdown clock
Campaign Control Campaign Control Present Like A Pro

Campaign Control

Extended Scheduling Management

When? How Many? How Often? How about......RIGHT NOW?

Total scheduling control is yours with WebinarJam. Schedule a single event, a recurring series, set of trainings, readmore iconindividual coaching sessions, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Scheduling has never been easier, no matter what time zone you are in, WebinarJam adjusts its notification system to display the local time of your event according to your attendee's location.

Warm Up Everyone

Built-In Autoresponder

You start by creating a relationship based on value... giving without expectation of compensation. The moment they're registered, readmore iconyou're rewarding their decision with additional respect and purpose driven content. WebinarJam's Email communication system is a full Email Autoresponder service. Send email updates that link to downloadable cheat sheets, lesson plans, pre-sales brochures - all pre-scheduled and specifically timed - without ever leaving WebinarJam's logical interface.

Fast and Easy

SMS Notifications

Less than 30 seconds

Email Notifications

Transact Everytime DVD
the final countdown clock the final countdown clock

Follow-Up with Everyone

Post Event Communication

"If. Then. Do." Boolean Logic. So simple, yet so powerful. Because WebinarJam catalogs nearly every action your Webinar Registrants and Attendees readmore iconperform, you can follow-up with their specific actions using distinct communications.

For example:

Send them one kind of email if they registered but didn't attend.

Send another kind if they attended and left early.

Send still another type of message if they attended but didn't buy. And on and on.

Your communications are pinpoint accurate, and more powerful than any general purpose email written by even a world-class copywriter. Welcome to the power of precise.

  • If they register to the webinar, then...
  • If they attend or miss the webinar, then...
  • If they leave before HH:MM:SS, then...
  • If they watch the replay, then...
  • If they buy your product, then...

Speak to Everyone

Multi-language capability

An International Audience is a dropdown menu away. Just select your preferred language and WebinarJam will translate all of its customer facing pages to your chosen language.

Speak to Everyone

Encore with Everyone

Replica Replay

Forget about the same old boring Webinar Replays that others are pitching. Replica Replays let you recreate key elements of your Webinar as a virtual clone of your live version. readmore iconEnhance your Replays by: Playback of your recording in an actual "Virtual Webinar Room", just like a Live Presentation. Including your original community chat, each entry perfectly synchronized to your audio/video presentation. Incorporating your Video Engine injections, Feedback Flow displays and your Buyer Alerts, exactly as they happened. Send still another type of message if they attended the Replica Replay, but didn't buy. And on and on. Displaying Active Offers (Urgency and Scarcity included if activated) at the right moments.

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Encore with Everyone Encore with Everyone Encore with Everyone Encore with Everyone Encore with Everyone

Everyone, Controlled

The Studio Control Center

Your Command Console for everything that happens on your Webinar. You have total control over your attendees experience all from one low-bandwidth intuitive interface readmore icon

Easily manage key aspects of your webinar:

Your administrator or moderator can produce your webinar from this panel without having to log into the live room, including starting polls, prerecorded videos, and displaying offers. Delete or edit existing chat messages, ban the trolls, and remain in full control of your message. Mark chat messages as questions to sort them in an easy to read column when you're ready to start your Q&A. Re-invite your registrants who haven't appeared for the live event with a last minute email or text message.

Everyone Controlled Image shade
Everyone Controlled Image 3
Everyone Controlled Image 2
Everyone Controlled Image 1

Everyone, Secure

Password Protected Events

Security by Obscurity is NOT security at all. If you want to further protect the content your webinar or event contains, then add a layer of security every bit as secure as your eCommerce Shopping Cart. readmore iconSimply establish your security configuration inside of WebinarJam, and only those people that have registered will be given the destination and password to your event.

You're further protected by IP matching, to ensure that link sharing doesn't create unwanted visitors. Perfect security for your paid webinars. Shields Up!

Everyone, Counted

Detailed Performance Analytics

All those statistics that help you stack piles of cash are right here.
Awwwww GEEK OUT!

Everyone, Counted Everyone, Counted Everyone, Counted Everyone, Counted Everyone, Counted


World Class customer service

From a deep, organized, and searchable knowledge base, to weekly Q&A webinars, to Live Customer Service Chat, to a modern help desk that's staffed 24/7/365, WebinarJam's Customer Support Department stands ready with insight or in an emergency.

Live Chat & Service


30 Days TOTAL Guarantee

Our Promise: Purchase 100% risk-free with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply contact support within 30 days of your original purchase date or first installment and you will promptly receive a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee

Everyone, Prepared

Including Special Bonus

Detailed Webinar
Campaign Guide

Others have paid $497 for JUST this training alone. We’re including it for you today, free of charge or obligation of any kind. readmore icon

Why? Because it's in our best interest that you have every tool you need to create successful webinars. And this total education provided by Webinar Genesis is a major step towards creating Webinar Campaign Excellence.

The truth is, Webinars are what we do. We've worked closely with thousands of the top webinar presenters and absolutely know what makes a webinar perform. After all, we do have an "insider's" advantage.



Video Trainings

Video Trainings

QA Webinars

QA Webinars

Including Special Bonus


To give you a shortcut to profitability, we're also including our internal corporate "playbook" so you can see exactly what readmore iconsuccess looks like. It includes:

Exclusive access to our Copy-Paste Formulas… so you can hit the ground running and not have to build a campaign from scratch...

Our Full Blueprints for Webinar Presentations and Offers...so you can simply MODEL and DEPLOY what’s ALREADY worked in many industries...

PLUS: You get our Email Copy examples for Replay Strategies. All so you can get the absolute MOST profit from your Webinar Campaigns...

Easy Copy Paste

Everything Else

Even more WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam Live means Massive Broadcasts
WebinarJam Live means Massive

WebinarJam's proprietary, Low Latency broadcast engine (WebinarJam Live) allows for small, intimate gatherings, readmore iconall the way up to Virtual Blockbuster Events with up to 5,000 live attendees. You know who else can do that? nobody. Using a little of our techno-kung-fu, you can also live-stream to desktop viewers and simultaneously send a mobile optimized stream to iOS and Android viewers. P.S. We can do FAR more than 5,000 attendees. Just let us know if you need a really big show and we'll set you up.

Broadcast to YouTube Live
Broadcast to YouTube Live

We've been integrated with YouTube Live since before it was cool. If you want to reach out to your YT Subscribers readmore iconusing all of WebinarJam's awesome display tech, you can do that effortlessly. And because our integration is so strong, you can even use YTL as the signal carrier in your WebinarJam Webinar Room. Thousands and Thousands of attendees are possible with this combination. Yeah, we love us some YouTube.

Pay-Per-View Webinars
Pay-Per-View Webinars

Many people will actually pay to attend a really good webinar, or a live consulting session, or a solid teaching class. readmore iconNow you can charge a fee to attend your awesome presentation. Tools and technology included!

Push-To-Attendee File Sharing
Push-To-Attendee File Sharing

Instantly push files to your attendees! Need to pass out Homework? Distribute an application for coaching? readmore iconDeliver a Cheat Sheet, Handout, or Brochure? Just upload your file via the Studio Control center, and when you're ready, show your audience the active download link. Multiple File types supported.

Mass Audience Redirect
Mass Audience Redirect

Because you control the Webinar Presentation Space, you can cause that space to open new browser windows readmore iconor even redirect your entire viewership to a new web address. Send everyone exactly where you want at the end of your presentation.

Automatic Recording
Automatic Recording

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but we're constantly amazed by how many competitive systems don't make readmore iconthis feature a function. So, rest easy - that brilliant presentation you just gave WAS recorded by WebinarJam.

Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

Embed Facebook and Twitter share buttons in your webinar pages and see your webinars go viral so you readmore iconcan get more customers!

Easy Co-Host Invitations
Easy Co-Host Invitations

Do you co-host or co-present your live event with other peeps? No problem! WebinarJam allows you to add up to readmore icon6 simultaneous speakers per webinar session. Now any presenter can share their webcam or broadcast their respective screens for an awesome multi-presenter webinar experience!

Pre-Event Countdown Page
Pre-Event Countdown Page

Surveys say that Attendees get frustrated when they show up early to the Webinar and they're not sure if they're in readmore iconthe right place. End that frustration forever with a page that lets the attendee know not only that they're in the right place, but also how to best prepare for the Webby.

Cross Platform, Multiple Devices, No Download
Cross Platform, Multiple
Devices, No Download

WebinarJam is truly a Globally Accessible Technology. Use Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, readmore iconAndroid... We make a point of streamlining the attendee experience, so there's never any software for your audience to download.

SMS and VOICE Messaging
SMS and VOICE Messaging

Configure the system to automatically SMS every registrant a few minutes before the webinar's readmore iconscheduled date and time.You can even pre-record a voice message asking them to log into the webinar room immediately. The system will call your registrants right before the webinar and play that message.
* Integration with Twilio required

Slides in the Cloud

Let's face it, you might not always have the BEST Internet Connection. Maybe you're traveling, or have to use the Hotel's Wireless. readmore iconThat's not "optimal". Now, with WebinarJam's Slides in the Cloud, you can pre-upload your presentation to our worldwide servers, and let us do the heavy bandwidth lifting. Now all you need to do is broadcast your voice, and you can control your presentation right in the virtual webinar room.

Webinars Everywhere
Webinars Everywhere

You can embed the webinar registration button on a page on your own website. If you want to conduct a coaching webinar readmore iconfrom inside your membership area, the button works there too. Stream privately, or to the world using WebinarJam's YouTube Live integration.

Webinars On-Demand
Webinars On-Demand

We even get your eyeballs to your live events! List your webinar in our On Demand directory for our entire user base to see. readmore icon

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Everyone, Excited

What our customers are saying...

*These testimonials are from actual customers, and they are taken as statements about the product itself and not the results you should expect. Each individual results may vary based on their own use. In other words, WebinarJam is awesome, but your skill and experience means your results will be unique to you.

WebinarJam currently serves
over 30,000 Customers
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Everything, Explained

WebinarJam FAQs

We've optimized WebinarJam to work with a wide range of hardware and internet services. To achieve the highest fidelity, sharpest signal, and most reliable broadcast - good gear always helps. We recommended a 2.2GHz Intel Core i5 with 8Gb of RAM (or better), an HD WebCam, wired internet connection with minimum upstream of 4Mb/sec. Lesser power configurations may still work, but should be well tested before doing a webinar with, like, all your best customers.
YES! Real-Time Chat is included with any WebinarJam account. It is already integrated into your system and can be further configured from your account dashboard.
YES! When broadcasting, you can share the desktop of your computer, a single app on your computer, playback multiple videos, or use our Slides in the Cloud feature to run a slideshow presentation. You can also share the signal from your WebCam solo, or while SIMULTANEOUSLY sharing your screen or presentation (commonly known as Picture-in-Picture). There are simple controls in the User Interface that let you switch between display modes.
ALL OF THEM! You'll have access to our Help-Desk, which is staffed 24/7. During typical business hours, you'll also be able to use our Live Chat to speak directly with support. Of course, we have tons of documentation and "How-To" tutorials to help you learn and use the software.
Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We DO accept PayPal, but that will limit your billing options because of PayPal's feature limitations.
You get access to the WebinarJam Application, Customer Support, WebinarJam Tutorials and Knowledge Base. You need a decent computer and connection to the internet to get started. If you want to share a PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote Slide Show, you'll need those apps to create the slides (or, you can use free apps like Google Slides, etc.)
Within minutes of your purchase, you'll receive instructions for accessing the over 7-hours of Video Tutorials and Cheat Sheets from that training program. It's all automatic.
Use the help desk or send a message to support@webinarjam.com with your current account details and what you need to change. Customer Support will take it from there.
You can receive a full refund for WebinarJam when you request it within 30 days of original purchase/first installment payment. Use the help desk or send a message to support@webinarjam.com with your current account details and request for refund. Customer Support will take it from here.
YES! Our primary integrations are with other Email services and CRM services like Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, etc. We also integrate with Zapier, opening the possibilities for a massive amount of integration potential.
It ranges from "Not Long" to "Ridiculously FAST". Doing a full-fledged Webinar Campaign, one including Registration and Thank You Pages, Multiple Email Notifications, Pre-Loaded Videos for Live Playback, Customized Offers, Polls, Surveys, Replica Replays, etc. can be an involved set-up process only because you have to create the CONTENT that's on your pages, in your emails, and part of your videos… You get the point. From a WebinarJam App perspective, doing the actual configuration and adding the content for a full campaign should take you less than 10 minutes.

If you need to get "On the Air" FAST, just use the ExpressJam feature, which is about 6 clicks and takes about 30 seconds to go from Zero to One Hundred.
YES! We can handle volume. It's a proprietary combination of WebRTC and HLS with a little bit of RTMP Streaming thrown in for good measure. This enables us to stream to audiences that most of our competitors would have a hard time doing, or charge you an arm and small child to do. For perspective, we have come awfully close to breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for largest LIVE Webinar. Seriously, that's a THING!! The record is around 11,000 simultaneous viewers - we got to within 300 of that. Yeah, we can handle volume.
YES! With up to SIX presenters sharing the screen at the same time, conducting pre-scheduled meetings is fast and easy. For "Meetings-on-the-fly", you can use ExpressJam and be broadcasting in less than 30 seconds. Plus, if your meeting has more than 6 participants, they can listen in and see the meeting, and add contribution via WebinarJam Chat. Plus, with Attendee Spotlight, you can bring non-presenters into the on-air meeting with the click of a mouse.
That’s a GREAT question! Plus, thanks for noticing how EXPENSIVE our competitors actually are. Our perspective is pretty simple - the most expensive cost of a Webinar Broadcast is the VIDEO BANDWIDTH that's used to send your signal around the world. And just a few years ago, our current price would have NOT been possible. But, as the Bandwidth industry evolved, so did Bandwidth prices. Where Video Bandwidth was once a premium commodity, it's now priced closer to a Utility. Our prices reflect that evolution. Everything we do is at the highest level possible. We use great, powerful auto-scaling server technology, enterprise class email sending, and work with technology that's on the cutting edge of performance, while taking into consideration that it needs to work flawlessly for a vast group of Webinar-Givers. No, we don't cut corners. We maximize value.
Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Useful tidbits of WebinarJam goodness to make your events even more awesome!

Yes! I want to get access to WebinarJam and all my amazing bonuses right now...